Commission Progress

I worked another session on this oil painting commission yesterday (and I secretly worked on it a little while ago, too! sshhh).  I laid some brighter colors on top of the dark underpainting and it's starting to have some more volume now.  

As I spoke about in my last progress post, I really love revisiting this composition and thinking of new colors to use.   My favorite part is this vivid blue -- I'm really enjoying how it's interacting with the deep dark blue underneath it and the pinks & white of the water next to it.

3 Responses to Commission Progress

  1. Goodness, Jamie - it's so beautiful. My mouth salivates with exception of the finished product! I feel truly lucky to have such talented artists as my friends. YAY!

  2. i agree the blue is fabulous!

  3. Martha says:

    My, it's really starting to take shape. I like the pallet you're using.

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