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More barns!

Had another great night making monotypes.   I really loved the image of the big barn from the day before, but I wanted to flip the composition.  I loved the result and so I made one more (so far).  In the second one, I added red to give more dimension and a hint of the color in real life.

I also worked on a smaller one (the small one measures 5x10" and the larger ones are 10x10") which is an A-frame type barn.  There aren't any of those on the farm but I was thinking of the cattle barn in the color choice, teal! haha That's mixed into the gray and is a bit more apparent in real life print.


Read more about the project here:

If you have a few dollars you'd like to donate to this project, please visit our Indiegogo page-- the thank-you presents begin at the $10 level!

Pulling more monotypes

Hit the studio today making more monotypes for the CSA Project at the Harlow Gallery.  Like the last set I was working on, I'm really digging the look and feel of this process.  My husband taught me a method for monotypes using water soluble Speedball ink on a plexiglass plate.  I played around with it and really found that I liked covering the entire plate in custom color mixed ink and then using a reductive method of drawing my image in.  I'm finding that it leaves an almost ghostly appearance which matches the hazy memories I'm working from (as well as the instant photographs to jog the brain).

CSA project update

I've been neglecting my blog (as most bloggers do) but it's not because I have nothing to say.  Quite the contrary, I have much to say but I've been blogging on the CSA project website and not here!  Shame on me!  So here I'll cram it all into one post and then I promise I'll keep posting here at the same time.  I mean, I know you worry.  I'm ok, really.  ....

By the way-- if you have a few dollars you'd like to donate to this project, please visit our Indiegogo page-- the thank-you presents begin at the $10 level!

One feeds the next

On our first visit to Wholesome Holmstead farm in Winthrop, I had taken this photo of one of the buildings on the farm. The color of this barn with the pile of branches in front of it inspired the color and composition in this new painting. I don't usually paint with a reference but, for this CSA project, the image just kept coming back into my mind. It's a small painting; casein, acrylic, and wax pastel on mounted paper.

painting on site

I feed, nourish, maintain, support

I happened upon a weekend that was absolutely gorgeous.  The sun was shining, the seedlings were being planted in the dirt, and the cows were grazing in the pasture.  They were only a little curious as to my presence but turned their heads back to the green grass, as did I.  I was told a few times that these girls could be quite inquisitive but, on this day at least, we chose to observe each other from afar and be content with the warm air and bright colors of the day.  I set up in the grass and painted them from behind the stone wall of their enclosure.  This one is entitled "Pāscō" - the definition which, in translation from Italian, means 'I feed, nourish, maintain, support.'

Working on site

Kim and I returned to Wholesome Holmstead farm with a car full of art supplies, ready to have a day full of monotypes.  

We first set out to photograph our muses and then set up our day studio inside the farmhouse with a drying station by the window.  We were both inspired by the pair of tiny cabins/cottages and made a stack of monotypes and photographs of our day's adventure. 

Definitely an inspiring day.
Kim's output for the day - monotypes

My monotype series

Impossible film (Polaroid)

our prints drying by the window

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