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I've been framed...

I'm so happy to have made the decision to have these two paintings professionally framed. They have both been shipped cross country for the Luminous Layers encaustic exhibition in Oregon at the Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts.

Although these paintings are a decent size on their own (12" square), I really wanted them to stand out and look finished so I brought them over to a friend of mine who does framing. I am so impressed with the outcome, I know I'm going to keep going back to them!

They have their working studio, Artifacts, on their beautiful farm in Farmingdale, ME and also have a showroom in Topsham. You can visit them online and see other examples of their framing & guilding here:


I was just selected to be Dick Blick's Artist of the Month! You can see more on their Facebook page. I've been awarded a gift certificate to spend on art supplies...what more could a girl ask for?? :)

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