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Ring around the hot plate...

Encaustic monotypes are starting to be a fun new pasttime of mine! I love noodling with it and seeing what results I can get. KISS is my new mantra for this project -- "Keep It Simple, Stupid"

Simplicity is key while working with this techinique, especially from the beginning. You can't be tied to a full thought or idea in your head because monotypes don't work that way. And, certainly, hot monotypes don't work that way! They tend to have a mind of their own. Which is fine as long as that's the only thing that you're counting on to happen correctly :)

More to come....

Rings in the Sand
Encaustic & Oil Pastel Monotype
approximately 9" x 3" on watercolor paper
August 2009


I've been MIA from my blog but I assure you-- I've been working hard! Teaching workshops, getting Sweetland Retreat up and running, home renovations, and summer heat; it's keeps a gal busy.

But I wanted to share with you a sample of a new treat-- Encaustic monotypes! This one is called "XO, three over nine" and made with encaustic paint and oil pastel. This was painted & drawn directly on a warm hotplate and then the print was pulled from it. It's a tough process but I love the unexpected result and guesswork.

I'll be listing it in my Etsy shop soon but I've just been enjoy 'the making' these days-- I have more to share and will be back in action posting more to my blog each week.

I still love you!

XO, three over nine
Encaustic & Oil Pastel Monotype
9" x 5"
August 2009

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