Commission Progress

I dipped back into my oil paints and got started on a commissioned painting for my friend, Sarah.  I'm so excited to make this for her new home and brighten up her space with my work!  I hope that she will love the final version and will enjoy reading about it and seeing the progress here on my blog as I go along!

She had asked me to make a painting similar to Deluge (sold last summer) but gave me complete artistic license to change around the colors, movement, feel-- whatever!  It's a rare opportunity for me to be asked to revisit a painting and it's so much fun!  I love going into it thinking of how to improve upon the last piece and make this one special.  I've been mixing some of my own oil paint and am using it to complement my store-bought paint (that purple above the river is my own handmade color!)

You can see in this first image how I begin a painting.  I lay down a very thin wash of color cause nothing's worse than facing a blank canvas! I also love to pick a color that I want to shine through the entire painting.  It will give this a nice vibrancy/glow.  I then rough sketch where I want things to go using some more paint.  Then I get right into the color.  This is how it's looking so far after my first layer of color.  (Not the best photo since I'm working at night but it's what I can offer at 11pm)  It'll change as I keep working on it and I'm going to add some slightly brighter colors.  

I can't wait to work on this more!!!


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  1. oh, JAMIE! i'm so very excited! what a luscious start...

  2. Chrisy says:

    I'm enjoyin ur choice of colours...and admire anybody who can work in oils...

  3. So glad you're liking it, Sarah! It's making me happy to paint it. And it was a really foggy night yesterday so that provided me with more inspiration :)

    Chrisy- Thanks! Oils are my first love but I've been seduced by encaustic wax painting lately-- glad to be getting back to the oils now!


  4. Tammy says:


    I really like this painting! I love the feel of gushing water coming down the hillside! Very nice job!! Tammy

  5. the movement present in this piece is phenominal...can't wait to see where it leads!

  6. Thank you!!! I can't wait to get some more color on it and start sloshing it around!

  7. Kathleen says:

    Love the lucious colors and the organic flow of everything - very nice! Looking forward to following your progress =)

  8. ArtSnark says:

    Very cool - love WIP photos

  9. Lauren says:

    it's so cool to see how people work! And I love the colors you're working with!

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