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Webcam heads up..

Heads up- I plan on setting up my webcam while I paint encaustic tonight- come check it out! I have a new series that I'm going to start working on- inspired by my painting below. They are still civil war focused but they'll be on long boards and looking more like mummies. I'm so excited! Hope it all works out tonight- I plan on turning on the webcam around 5:30pm. I'll update here when starting.
Live right now!

B&W Exhibit

Two of my encaustic paintings are hanging at the Freeport Square Gallery in Freeport, ME. Both of my black & white Ghosts of the Past paintings for their B&W show. The gallery is absolutely beautiful and we also had the chance to see a live concert there last night- very cool!

Ghost hunter...

Animated gif of the progress of my latest painting.  It's still in progress, just one more day working on it and I think it'll be done.  I really like seeing how this one has moved along!  I kept changing my mind about what colors I wanted it to be and put this painting aside for a while.  Then I decided to turn Abe into a rooted being and it all started to come together.

Dreams coming true!

I am so excited to say that tomorrow is the first day of classes at Sweetland Retreat!!!!!!

It's been a long road of renovation and learning and growing but we've finally made it to this point!  There's still work to do in order to open as a Bed & Breakfast but our goal was to have classes started by this summer and here it is...2 weeks before the Summer Solstice.  Who would have thought we'd be ahead of schedule?

And to celebrate, we're offering a special discount of $10 off to anyone who takes both classes this Saturday and Sunday- The Reiki Atunement class (good for Reiki Level 1 or 2) and the Full Moon Ceremony & Drumming Circle.  

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