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More Nature, More Squares

Nature Squares, 6" x 6" each, Encaustic & Photo Transfer

Loving the simplicity of high contrast photo transfers on a bed of wax! I have a total of 15 squares and 4 rectangles. The counting of which led me to wonder the amount of paintings that I made in 2010. Well, folks, I completed 36 paintings! (plus a few that I'm still on the fence about being finished) That's definitely a record for me.

And thinking back to my days in college, especially my senior year, I had a battle with making any paintings. But having inspiration all around you really changes the game. I went to college in Boston and being in a city inspired my drawings and my photography, which I wound up being prolific in those years. But paintings? Yeah, I didn't do much. I did spend my senior year really studying color and mixing oil paint like crazy on my palette. But that doesn't make for finished pieces. I do think that it helped me in my profession, for sure. I'm happy to have spent the time focused on that (although I know my professor thought otherwise).

Anyway... Living in Maine, being surrounded by nature, having a studio space... it keeps me inspired! Looking forward to what the new year brings.

Nature Squares

On this wonderful winter's snowy day in Maine I'm taking some me time to update my Etsy shop and share my new work!

Each painting is 6" x 6" on cradled wood and is painted with encaustic. The images are transfers of my digital photographs done using the Xerox and water transfer method.

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