Funny tea leaves

"The Amount of Tea I Drink in a Week, mixed version"
Encaustic and Vanilla Chai Spice Tea on cradled birch

10" x 10"
March 2009

I created this slightly larger version of my tea painting series for an exhibit at the Harlow Gallery in Hallowell, ME titled "Off the Wall: Humor in Art."  The opening was last night and plenty of food was had by all!  

I've been working on a bunch of other paintings at once-- my mind is slightly distracted by Spring rolling in but I'm getting it in gear.  I have a bunch of work that I'm looking forward to finishing and alot of wax to make!  I'm also revamping my website-- can't wait to finish that project!

2 Responses to Funny tea leaves

  1. ArtSnark says:

    Love these tea pieces - Good luck with gallery sales :D

  2. hi jamie-this piece is great and i really like the little bit larger size (i've been doing lots of 8x8 and 10x10 lately). spring would be much less distracting if it could just get it's act together and show up,,,it's confusing me!

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