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Maine Team ACEO Challenge

The wonderful Etsy Maine Team is having an ACEO team challenge.  The idea was to make an ACEO with a Maine theme that was also recycled/upcycled.  I made these three while at Jes' craft brunch on Sunday.  They are all made on top of recycled cereal and cell phone boxes courtesy of my hubby, and the collaged images are all from Country Living magazines that were in desperate need of being recycled.  Here's the skinny on them:

-"Friggin' Fiddleheads" This one was made with Kellie in mind since she loves to say "friggin'".  This one features a beautiful image of a yummy fiddlehead on top of some other local greens.

-"Sabbathday Lake Shakers" My official entry to the challenge-- Made in honor of my favorite group of people and the only remaining active Shaker Village in the world, Sabbathday Lake in New Gloucester, Maine.  Among their many beautiful beliefs is the thought that everything must be made with as much skill, love, and piety as possible- even a chair for they thought that an angel might come and sit on it.

-"Silliness in the backyard" OK, this one was done as a joke and Susan's daughter Nell thought it was hilarious and prompted me to glue it down for real.  Featuring the many faces of Maine: Lobsters, wild turkey, roses, and ferns :)


Abe and Me- Progress

Abe and Me
Originally uploaded by Jamie Ribisi-Braley
A progress photo of a new encaustic painting I started today. Part of my "Ghosts of the Past" series, this one features a great civil war image of Abe Lincoln visiting a camp.

This is my largest encaustic painting yet and I wanted to show the scale so I took this cheese-ball pic of me holding it :) This is just the first layer of paint and I've since added another-- this one's going to take a little bit longer than the rest! Fusing the layers is an arm aching experience but I still really enjoy it!

The top of the painting has a pink sky and the bottom, so far is a greyish green. I'm thinking of using alot of grey on top of the underpainting but I'll just have to see how things go! I love not having a plan and going with the flow- so to speak!

VAST "Welcome Spring" Trunk Show on Etsy

I will be participating and co-moderating the Etsy Visual Artist Street Team's (VAST) Trunk Show tomorrow night!  Come and take a look and meet new artists with a great range of styles, medium, and prices!

"Welcome Spring" will feature art from 25 VAST members who will be presenting their work LIVE!  Come take a peak and ask questions-- get to know us and our art!

Wednesday 02/18 at 7pm Eastern time in the Etsy Virtual Lab Gallery Room:

Value Pack- Yellow Encaustic Medium

I decided to list a set of 4 natural encaustic medium cakes in my shop as a value pack-- for those that like to buy in bulk!  I always stock up on my art supplies so I'm sure lots of others would, too!

I love to put other people's Etsy products in my photos to help promote one another.  All of the encaustic wax in my shop has great handmade items to accompany them!  This one features paintings by my husband, Brian Braley.  His shop is called Discarded Treasures and he focuses on using recycled materials to make great pieces of art!  His paintings are so thoughtful and full of science, math, architecture-- you name it!  I love to see what he creates and this top one with the letters on it is my favorite, titled "Alphabet Soup" - I just love the colors and the layers!

More on him soon-- he'll get a feature in one of my "Artists I Admire" posts-- of course!  :)

Prepping Canvas

I've been commissioned by a dear old friend of mine to create an oil painting for her.  I'm so excited!  So I've stretched a new canvas and began priming it.  This picture above is of my favorite part of the prep stages-- I always brush on some water to release the sizing in the canvas and watch the water bead up-- I love it!  Then I brush it in really hard and get the canvas nice and taught.  Then I banged it like a drum!  What a great sound.  

I've applied the watered down coat of gesso already then went on a long walk to enjoy the beautiful day today in Maine.  A couple more coats of straight gesso and I'll be ready to paint!  I'm going to blog about my progress so that she can watch it evolve :)

Winner announced!!!

The "Hot Mess: Painting with Wax" giveaway has ended and I used to randomly pick a winner from the blog entries! The lucky post number was #19 which is..... drum roll please!

... Penguen ....

CONGRATULATIONS Penguen!! I'll be contacting you in a couple of minutes to send you your prize! Enjoy!

Etsy Beeswax Team Sale

For the Love of the Bee Etsy sale

During the month of February, the Beeswax Team will be donating 5% of proceeds to the "Save the Bees" research group.

The disappearance of bees on a global scale isn’t an issue to put under the carpet. Considering bees pollinate about 1/3 of everything we eat, when bees begin disappearing, we should do more than watch it happen if we want to protect our food sources.

Please come join us and show your love this Valentine's Day in an unconventional way! 

View our team comic to read more info:

And visit our forum thread for a full list of particpiants.
Here are your resources to help you understand CCD and for the sale this month:

To hear the Bee Team's first ever encaustic podcast
For more on 
Save the Bees research group
More on Colony Collapse Disorder 

5% of my proceeds from any encaustic related item in my Etsy shop will go towards bee research. Purchase any original encaustic painting, handmade encaustic paint, Hot Mess wax painting tutorial, giclee prints of an encaustic painting, or necklaces featuring encaustic work and 5% of your purchase will automatically be donated. 

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