A productive day!

I had a very productive day today! I made three new paintings!  These have tea leaves embedded into them and hatch marks actually hatched in-- more on that soon!  I painted these on thin plywood so I just need to build a support for the back and add hardware.  I know I should do that first but when the idea moves me, I just have to get to painting!  

I've been saving up these tea leaves and had a rough idea of how I wanted to use them but not what I wanted the story to be.  It came to me this morning when I was thinking of another painting that I'm working on (I always have a few going to keep my mind occupied).  This other painting is part of the "Ghosts of the Past" Civil War series and I wanted to do hatch marks representing the number of people who died in the battle pictured.  I looked it up.... 28,900!  I don't think I can make that many hatches.  So I moved the idea to these tea paintings-- the amount of tea I drink in a week.  The number was also a sad one but easier to deal with!


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  1. ArtSnark says:

    very cool. Just out of curiosity, what flavor tea?

  2. Vanilla Spice Chai-- my favorite!! :)

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