Artists I Admire: Lauren Simone

Farm Utopia
9" x 9"
Watercolor, india ink pen, drawing ink, and thread on handmade rag watercolor paper
by Lauren Simone

I absolutely adore the detail and the color that Lauren puts into each of her drawings (click on the image to zoom in). They are wonderful imaginary landscapes which make you feel as though you are stuck inside of a great adventure novel.  Perhaps my favorite part of her drawings are the details.  I love the threading that she does around the land masses and the fact that she goes back to them and paints them in varying colors.  It gives such a great depth to the piece.  

Lauren has been my Etsy bud for a while now and we are both fortunate enough to live in Maine and be on the Etsy Maine Team! Visit her shop-- she currently has a Valentine's Day Sale running!  Tell her Jamie sent you!

2 Responses to Artists I Admire: Lauren Simone

  1. ArtSnark says:

    very cool - off to check out her shop. Thanks for sharing

  2. Lauren says:

    Wow, Jamie! What a wonderful surprise to wake up to! I'm quite honored, as I admire your work so much as well! I'm excited for your interview to be featured in my blog!
    You're so kind -- now today is even better!

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