All my ducks in a row...

I made a 4lb batch of encaustic last night-- 35 cakes in total.  Two sets of my new Venetian Vacation color line and the rest are currently just clear medium.  I love how these all look stacked together!!

Thought I'd share :)


4 Responses to All my ducks in a row...

  1. They look almost good enough to eat!

  2. Lauren says:

    oooh...i'm going to be ordering some encaustic medium from you soon!

  3. i love this photo! you can never (i mean i can never) have to much clear medium. i was in venice last summer and your colors are spot on-awesome work jamie!

  4. Thank you Beth!! I had a fun time making them-- I love to try to match colors and make fun sets :)

    & I go through medium like tissues!

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