Giveaway winners!!!

HOORAY!!! We have winners!  Cue the music!!

Thank you all for entering my giveaway!  And than you for the jokes and being nice!!!!

So here we go.........  The winners are:

Prize: One (1) First Prize winner will have $75 transferred to their new or existing IPFH account
Caroline!!  Congrats, Caro! Now you can get tons of photos of your cutie offspring! :)  Oh yeah, and your awesome photographs & illustrations, too!

Prize: One (1) Second Prize winner will have $50 transferred to their new or existing IPFH account
Bob-o!  Congrats, BOB! I can't wait to see you add your awesome landscape photography to your Etsy Shop!

Prize: Three (3) Third Prize winners will have $25 transferred to their new or existing IPFH account
Winners: #1- Nancy!!  My triplet twin!  Congrats!!! I know you'll have lots of great photographs printed!! Go big!  :)
#2- Bob again!!  Way to use your multiple entries, Bob!!!! It's like you won first prize!
#3- Mary-Anne!  Yeah!  Hooray!! 

OK gang-- so please look for my email to you and reply back with the info that I need and I will transfer some dough into your IPFH account!

Thanks for playing!!!

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