Weaving scarves on the loom

My new loom
Last month I posted about my new venture: weaving. I've since acquired a Structo Artcraft table loom. The loom is 21" wide so it's perfectly suited to make scarves, placemats, and small rugs or runners. I've started off with scarves and am absolutely loving it!

My 1st scarf - cotton chenille & cotton
2nd scarf - bulky cotton boucle & cotton
I've always been drawn to fiber but didn't quite know how to incorporate it into my art and craft. I have a friend who weaves and she sat me down in front of a floor loom and taught me the ropes, so to speak. A very comprehensive book and many Youtube videos later and I'm throwing that shuttle as fast as I can!

It's a nice break to take from the painting studio and a great thing to do while watching tv. I have my loom set up on the coffee table so that I can be fairly comfortable (if you know of an ergonomic loom, please let my back know!)

The major downfall to weaving is how completely addicting it is! The worst part is all of the beautiful yarn out there!! I've been so enamored with the hand dyed yarn from Yarntopia Treasures-- she will custom dye to your whim or you can choose from her color palettes and/or at hand supply.  I've been using her bulky cotton for my weft (the shorter part of my scarves) and just purchased some thinner yarn to be used in future warps (the long threads that run the length of the scarf.) It's the best and the cotton boucle is so darn soft!!

I'll keep posting my progress-- more very soon!

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  1. laura says:

    Wow, how wonderful!!

  2. Gorgeous! I love textiles of any kind. Can't wait to see your future progress, Jamie.

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