Hems and Haws

While I was painting my last few oil paintings, I had this canvas on the side of my easel as a way to work out the random ideas in my head and also as a way to use up the excess paint on my palette. I really hate to be wasteful with paint (it costs so much!) so in an effort to squeeze every cent of worth out of my paint, I usually create something that's a bit of a departure. And quite freeing, too!

Occasionally when I paint, I try to think about how the piece will fit in with the body of work that I've already created. I think about it all being linear and telling a story together. This is fine, but sometimes I think the work will find a way to fit itself in just from the sheer virtue of being from the same artist. This may not always be the way that things work out, but it's ok to open yourself up to experimentation and see where that goes. Right? :)

Hems and Haws
Oil on Canvas
20 x 20"
July 2009

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  1. dora says:

    Hi Jamie, Dora here from the etsy forums! I really like this painting and your idea of a side-painting for extra ideas that come up while working. Like the colors and the line aspect. Nice!

  2. ArtSnark says:

    Just popping in to wish you a merry Christmas, Jamie.

    And yep freeing is always good!

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