Trick or Treat...

Halloween is my super-favorite time of the year! It's not just the ghouls, ghosts, and vampires that get me (although I really do love that part, too!) but it's the colors!

Fall is my favorite time of the year bringing into my head all the memories of my childhood. Halloween takes me back to elementary school parades dressed in the best costumes ever. And walking around at night trick or treating in the crisp autumn air. I see it, I feel it, and I smell it. And those colors just take me back!

So I had to make a set of encaustic paint that went along with those memories. The Candy Corn set of three wax paints is what resulted. I even photographed it on an old beat up grey chair to keep going along with the vision-- how I love it all!

This is also part of the Maine Team Halloween Scavenger Hunt -- join in, it starts today!!

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  1. awesome jamie! love the colors and the fact candy corn is a bit waxy, isn't it? are you dressing up for halloween?

  2. ArtSnark says:

    Love it - how fun & clever

  3. I do have a little costume-- I have a headband that looks like panda ears! I love pandas! hahaa

  4. ArtSnark says:

    Congrats - just got an iprintfromhome email all about you :D

    I posted a link to it on the Etsy Mixed Media thread since you visit there from time to time

  5. Hi Jamie,
    I love your blog, just what I needed. A dear friend shared you with me. LOL
    I took a fabulous class from Andrea Bird in Ontario. I having hard time getting started. I love Encaustic. I did some piece's in the class on my blog. I am hooked, just love it.
    You are just what I needed, thanks for sharing !!! I will be back, for more of your amazing art talented. Hugs, Laura.

  6. Thanks, Laura!! Let me know any questions that you have-- I love talking about encaustic and am always happy to help out!

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