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Weaving on

LOVING the colors of my newest scarf! This is only my third woven item and I'm ok with saying that I'm proud of myself! :)   After being shown by my friend how to weave on a loom and researching, reading tutorials and blogs, watching videos, etc, I wasn't sure if I could handle the complexities of weaving. But taking some step by step directions really helped me-- breaking it down into smaller parts and taking my time really made it seem doable.

I worked out some loom tension issues after my second weaving and this third one came out straight-- hooray!  And this is so darn soft!!!

Warp: 5/2 Egyptian Cotton- Chestnut Rose
Weft: Bulky Cotton Boucle- Moccasin & Light Worsted Cotton Boucle- Egypt-- all yarn from Yarntopia Treasures

90 threads, 10epi, multi-patterns

Made this one for myself and now I'm going to work on some to list in my Etsy shop.

Video tutorial and review: Winding yarn

Below is a short video tutorial and review of some new yarn supplies that I've acquired...

Winding bulky cotton yarn from using the "Medium Hard Maple Yarn Swift Winder Adjustable Skeinwinder" from and the "Knitting yarn ball winder" from

Review: The swift was extremely easy to assemble and very fluid. I think I should have purchased the next size up (large) because thinner yarns are falling off of the swift but that's my own fault- I didn't know what would work best. I'm positive I can make some simple adjustments to this one to keep that from happening in the future. Really a great swift and at a really great price.

The yarn winder works really well. I've been choosing to use it hand-held because the clamp is taking me some time to figure out how to use. The instructions that are printed on the box don't explain how the clamp attaches without the clamp being in the way of the crank. Maybe I'm just dense but I can't get it to work without these two parts interfering with one another. Overall, it's a great winder.

Now if I could just find a way to get my loom to warp itself....

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